Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Review Submissions

Do you know of a crab cake in your neck of the woods that you want to share with the world?  Submit a user review to the Crab Cake Review!  All reviews should follow the standard format that the CCR uses.  General format is:

- A little tidbit about the restaurant
- Describe what the menu items come with (crackers, chips, 1 or 2 sides, etc.)
- Describe what you experience while eating the crab cake.  Is it dry, moist, saucy?  Does the crab meat have a flavor?  Is the binder/filler overbearing?  Stuff like that.
- Give an opinion on how you would rate the crab cake.  Everyone has different tastes, so rate the cake on its overall quality, not your personal preference.
- Include at least one picture of your meal.  Base requirement is at least one crab cake needs to be cut open so we can see the inside. 

Have an idea you want to run by us?  Let us know through our contact form!  Otherwise, send your review submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NOTE:  Please be advised that we reserve the right to edit your submissions for readability/length as well as edit any photos to improve quality.  Pictures should be in JPG format, 900x675 pixels @ 72dpi and focus on the meal as a whole, and not include anyone else in the photo.