Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Calvert County

If you ever go down to visit Solomon's Island from Baltimore/DC, you may notice the Ruddy Duck on your left as you head down to the island.  Far enough away from the main strip, there may be an inkling to stop in and have a bite.  If you're a beer nerd like I am, then all it takes is the word "brewery" in the name to pique your interest.

Walking in, a sandwich board in the hostess area informed me that the Ruddy Duck's crab cakes were voted the best in Southern MD.  Well, such a bold claim certainly grabbed mine.  I mean, how could I pass up a tasty crab cake after a day of taking pictures at Annmarie Garden?  Certainly not this guy.  So were they worth all the fuss?  Check it out!