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Pasquale's Crab Cake Sub Pasquale's Crab Cake Sub Crab Cake Review

Pasquale's has been serving fine Italian food to the Kingsville area for over 20 years. The goal at Pasquale's is to provide high quality, authentic Italian food made from the finest and freshest ingredients, in an effort to keep their customers satisfied. If you happen to drive by their restaurant, you'll notice that there is normally a sandwich board on the side of the road advertising homemade cream of crab soup, and, you guessed it, crab cakes! Drive past that sign enough times, and you'll eventually find yourself inside, placing that crab cake order. Was it worth the stop? Let's find out!

The only crab cakes on the menu at Pasquale's is the Crab Cake Sub, which consists of their famous homemade crab cakes (broiled or fried) served with your choice of toppings (typically lettuce and tomato). The menu points out that they can make anything else for you that you don't see on the menu, so don't feel limited to just a sub. Our reviews tend to stick to the menu, so we'll be reviewing the menu item.

What you get when you open the box is an Italian hoagie roll, layered with lettuce and tomato on the bottom, and a crab cake on top (pictured broiled). We're unsure if this is 2 crab cakes, or just one really flat one. The cake itself is made with mostly broken lumps, but a good mixture of large and small pieces. All that crab is bound together with crab, mayonnaise, parsley, bread, and spices. You don't necessarily see bits of bread, but you can definitely feel it in the texture. The lettuce and tomato add a nice freshness to the sandwich, although the hoagie roll is more suited for meatballs than a delicate offering such as a crab cake.

When singled out, the crab meat has a nice subtle sweetness to it, but a good bit of the pieces are a bit dry. Almost as if the crab was frozen at one point. But it at least retained its flavor. But on the whole, there seems to be a power struggle between the bread and the spices. The bread used in the binder is nice and flavorful, and the spice doesn't taste like your typical Old Bay. Together, they work very well, but when you're looking to taste some crab meat, the two together may work a little too well.

Despite the overpowering of the crab meat by the binder, it still has a very distinct flavor to it that we just can't put our fingers on. One the one hand, it reminds you of sundried tomatoes, and on the other, it more resembles a tuna salad base. Either way, it's not typical, and works very well. The only real marks we had on the sandwich is the toughness of the roll, and the dryness of some of the crab meat. Get past that, and you've got a wonderful sandwich in front of you.

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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Pasquale's
  • Address: 12600 Harford Rd Hydes, MD 21082
  • Neighborhood: Kingsville
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Review Date: 10/01/2013 3:36pm
  • Atmosphere: Not Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered: Crab Cake Sub
  • Cooking Style: Broiled
  • Other Styles Available: No
  • Available by mail order?: No
  • Price: 9.99
  • Order Type: Sandwich
  • Crab Content: Jumbo Lump
  • Filler: Average
  • Spice: Average
  • Overall Impression: Very Good
  • Rating (out of 5 crabs):