Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area


Annapolis Seafood Market Backfin Crab Cake

Annapolis Seafood Markets is a chain of seafood markets with 3 locations around the Baltimore/Annapolis area.  Their stores offer a variety of fresh seafood and prepared items available for carry out.  Annapolis Seafood tends to be a local's secret, with their seafood being bought and prepared fresh daily.  Friend of the CCR Kerry G. shared this little secret with us, saying that someone in her family who typically hates seafood requests their crab cakes all the time.  While she may be referring to the jumbo lump crab cakes, anyplace with such rave reviews from the non-seafaring types must be good!  So with such high regards in mind, the CCR set sail for their nearest Annapolis Seafood Market with their sights set on crab cakes.  How were they?  Let's find out!


Crab Galley Backfin Crab Cake

The Crab Galley has been around for as long as the CCR can remember.  They are family-owned local seafood carryout establishment, specializing in steamed crabs and other seafood.  They are located in Odenton and Bowie.  With a name like Crab Galley, you'd want to believe that they know what to do with some crabs.  So are they masters of the crab cake, or should you just stick to ordering crabs?  Find out inside!


Edgewater Restaurant Backfin Crab Cakes

The Edgewater Restaurant has been around since 1948, and is one of those local institutions that will get people all excited at just a mention of the name.  A sheer testimant to their ability to survive as long as they have, you'll get the same reaction from everyone -- the crab cakes are their most favorite thing in the world.  But, the one thing they neglect to tell you, is WHICH crab cakes are their favorite.  You see, Edgewater sells two kinds -- jumbo lump and backfin.  One could assume that the jumbo lumps are it, but if you happen to show up on a Wednesday, you'll notice that the backfin crab cakes are the special of the day!  Not wanting to pass up a good deal, the CCR decided to focus their efforts on the backfins, at least this time around.  Are they as legendary as jumbo lumps?  Time to see for ourselves!


Ellicott Mills Brewing Company

If you're not already familiar with Ellicott City, it started out as a Quaker settlement back in 1772, and boasts the oldest standing B&O Railroad station. It is also home to many unique shops and restaurants. One of which is Ellicott Mills Brewing Company. They've been around since 1997, brining a little bit of Germany to this historic town, specializing in Central European style lagers. The food also matches the brewing styles, with a liittle bit of everything for everyone. While the beer may lure us in, if there are crab cakes on the menu, we'll find them! While hard to pass by all of the German tavern fare on the menu, we stuck to our guns and gave them a shot. Read along to see what we thought!


Faidley's Backfin Crab Cake

Faidley's is a Baltimore icon, serving up world famous all lump crab cakes in the historic Lexington Market.  Always front and center in any crab cake debate, people have gone out of their way to see what the fuss is all about.  When you get to Faidley's, you will notice that there are three different styles of crab cakes:  All Lump, Backfin and Regular.  Which one you choose could impact the rest of your visit, either walking away completely satisfied that you made the right decision, or disappointed to find out you didn't choose the one that everyone is raving about.  We've already reviewed the All Lump offering from Faidley's, so let's see how the Backfin compares.

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