Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Montgomery County
Feb 21, 2018

American Tap Room

The American Tap Room is a take on the concept of a beer-inspired gastropub, owned by the same group that runs Austin Grill (the Bethesda location used to be an Austin Grill, but was recently converted to an ATR).  The only thing really "American" about it, aside from the name, is probably the food.  The beer list, while mostly American, does contain some foreign beers.  But crab cakes are American, right?  Yes!  So how were they?  Let's find out!

Dogfish Head is known locally for their finely crafted beers.  But a recent venture for them is to expand their Rehoboth Beach alehouse to other locations, namely Gaithersburg, MD, in addition to Fairfax and Falls Church, VA.  Now you don't have to endure beach traffic just to sample the latest and greatest on tap from DFH.  And being some crab cake lovin' people, anyplace that serves crab cakes and guarantees delicious beer, well, we just can't say no.  So how was the visit to Montgomery County?  Let's find out!