Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Store Bought

This week the Crab Cake Review attempts to stay home and sample some of the home versions of crab cakes.  Today's victim is Whole Foods.  The world's largest retailer of organic and natural food, one would hope that their access to sustainable, locally sourced seafood would produce a crab cake worthy of recognition.  Especially with a Baltimore location.  How did it all work out?  Read on!

Back in April, we reviewed the Backfin Crab Cake from Whole Foods, which received high marks.  During a recent trip to that very Whole Foods, I noticed that they were offering jumbo lump crab cakes.  Seeing how the backfin ones were pretty tasty, it would only stand to figure that the jumbo lump would be even better given the quality of food that Whole Foods typically carries.  So how did the jumbo lump crab cakes compare?  Let's find out!

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