Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area


Bloom Crab Cake

Bloom is a chain of supermarkets run by Food Lion (or as some of us call it -- Food Kitty).  The idea was for a concept supermarket that analyzed changing trends and needs to create an unconventional layout to maximize customer convenience.  For example, you can buy milk at the front of the store, instead of having to go all the way to the back for it.

This week, the CCR reviews their store-made crab cakes.  How were they?  Read on and find out!


Capitol Lounge

If your visit to the nation's capitol has you wanting to meet Capitol Hill staffers, then heading over to the Capitol Lounge is going to be high on your list.  The Lounge is a popular venu for both staffers and locals alike.  Adorned in political memoribilia, there is normal dining/bar seating upstairs, outside seating when the weather cooperates, and shuffleboard and pool downstairs (with another bar!).  Some consider it a dive, others call it a sports bar.  You may just call it your new home for happy hour.  The CCR was out celebrating DC Beer Week and happened upon the Capitol Lounge, who had a special running all week long honoring beers from cities that helped to kick off the whole East Coast microbrew movement (Baltimore, Philly and NY).  Pairing beers from those cities with special sliders, it was only appropriate that they pair the Baltimore beers with, what else, crab cakes!  How were they?  Read on to find out!


Chesapeake Bay Brand Crab Cakes

Grocery shopping can sometimes be an adventure, especially when you go to a store that you are unfamiliar with.  What new treats await you in the next aisle?  Are they worth the cost?  Can I find these in other stores, or even the same store in a different location?  

Imagine how elated the CCR was when stopping by a random grocery store and seeing a brand of frozen crab cakes that haven't been encountered yet.  And they came in two different varieites -- normal crab cakes (being reviewed) and jumbo lump crab cakes (future review).  They also sat alongside Phillips frozen crab cakes, so which to choose?

You may not know this at the store, but do some internet researching, and you will find out that Chesapeake Bay Brands is the same company that sells gourmet crab cakes on QVC, appeared on Oprah's "O" List, and were even voted by the Baltimore Sun as the best mail-order crab cake (although this was back in 1993).  So there may be some high hopes for the quality of these crab cakes.  Follow along and find how if their reputation preceeds them!


Dockside Classics

Real crab cakes can be hard to find in the off-season, especially if you expect it to contain any precious Maryland Blue crab.  So when you are walking through the grocery store and spy a new brand of crab cake, the words "made with real crab meat" might pique your interest.  And if you are super proud of your country, then the "Made in USA!" will have that package jumping into your cart in no time.  Found at my local Giant supermarket, I decided to fight terrorism the only way I know how -- by eating crab cakes.  How were they?  Continue on and find out!


Ellicott Mills Brewing Company

If you're not already familiar with Ellicott City, it started out as a Quaker settlement back in 1772, and boasts the oldest standing B&O Railroad station. It is also home to many unique shops and restaurants. One of which is Ellicott Mills Brewing Company. They've been around since 1997, brining a little bit of Germany to this historic town, specializing in Central European style lagers. The food also matches the brewing styles, with a liittle bit of everything for everyone. While the beer may lure us in, if there are crab cakes on the menu, we'll find them! While hard to pass by all of the German tavern fare on the menu, we stuck to our guns and gave them a shot. Read along to see what we thought!

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